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A Single Bangle Does Not Jingle

'A Single Bangle Does Not Jingle' is my favorite African proverb which reminds us that we need one another. As social beings we thrive on interactions with others, the love and support from family and friends and from a sense of belonging to a group, culture or tradition.When I recite and teach my favorite african proverb, it resonates with me that one bangle alone cannot make a beautiful jingly sound without another. When bangles bump into one another, they create lovely, melodious , jingly sounds that gently remind us of the importance of working together to create something worthwhile.....something beautiful.

If you know me, then you know that I always wear bangles. In fact, I made sure that when both of my children were born they wore bangles too. My husband and son wear beaded or leather bangles. My daughter and I have created a special bond through our sterling silver bangles. We have rituals in which we share charms and recall when and where we purchased our bangles and we make sure to wear them on the same arm. My bangles represent my family and friends who support me. They represent the people I love that bump into me, shake me up, push me toward my greatness and even rattle me so that I can share my jingly sound with the world.

Each of us has a contribution to the planet with a unique sound of our own.

As a certified hypnotherapist and coach for entrepreneurs my jingly sound is my passion to help transform lives by using the sound of my voice to help empower people to seek and implement their divine purpose, manifest their dreams and to find success .

In a world with a cocophony of sounds, how is your jingle heard? How does your bangle jingle? What's your jingly sound? Does it jingle through your work? Your volunteerism? Your church activiites? Does it jingle through your academics? Sports or music performance?

Make sure that you connect with like minded people who shake you up, bump into you and rattle you a bit to bring forth your gifts and talents so that the world can benefit. And just like the proverb says, 'a single bangle does not jingle '.....its time to go out and find the bangles that help you jingle the best!

Please share, I want to hear from you!

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